The Sun

The Sun Canvas and Art Print

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The Sun

Digital painting of the magnificently violent yet beautiful surface of the sun. Sitting at the the center of our solar system, the Sun's surface temperature reaches 5500 degrees celsius (9900 fahrenheit). The sun has a diameter of 1.4 million km (860,000 miles) making it over 100 times bigger than the Earth. The Eath orbits the giant star at a distance of over 150 million km away (93 million miles). The light from the Sun takes over 8 minutes to reach the earth. The Sun is 4.5 billion years old, but it will gradually grow hotter and larger until in about 5.5 billion years it will grow to 250 times its current size to become a red giant swallowing the earth. It will then form a planetary nebula before cooling and fading to become a white dwarf. Truly a wonder of the solar system and wonder of the universe.

The following options and sizes are available for this artwork:

STANDARD PRINT, 260gsm semi-gloss (satin finish) paper, suitable for framing or mounting

• 8x10 inch (20x25cm)
• 11x14 inch (28x35cm)
• 12x16 inch (30x40cm)
• 16x20 inch (40x50cm)
• A2, 16x23 inch (42x59cm)
• 20x28 inch (50x70cm)
• 20x30 inch (50x76cm)
• A1, 23x33 inch (59x84cm)
• 24x36 inch (61x91cm)

PREMIUM FINE ART PRINT, luxury heavywight 310gsm, 100% cotton rag, lightly textured fine art paper, suitable for framing or mounting

• Fine Art 8x10 inch (20x25cm)
• Fine Art 12x16 inch (30x40cm)
• Fine Art 16x20 inch (40x50cm)
• Fine Art A2, 16x23 inch (42x59cm)
• Fine Art 20x28 inch (50x70cm)

BOX CANVAS print, 18mm deep frame, ready-to-hang

• 12x16 inch (30x40cm) - 18mm deep
• 16x22 inch (40x55cm) - 18mm deep
• 22x34 inch (55x86cm) - 18mm deep

CHUNKY BOX CANVAS print, 38mm deep frame, ready-to-hang

• 18x24 inch (45x60cm) - 38mm deep
• 24x36 inch (60x91cm) - 38mm deep

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